First Baptist Church of St. Charles is known as The Church @ St. Charles to our community. Cooperative with the Southern Baptist Convention, our passion is sharing God's love to all people and nurturing His church.
Envisioned in 1964, Baptist Cooperatives saw the opportunity to minister the people who live in the St. Charles development. From that first Sunday at Dr. Samuel A. Mudd Elementary School in 1968, our church has stood to be the light of Jesus Christ in our surrounding community. As our church has grown spiritually and numerically over the decades; our name has grown from St. Charles Baptist Fellowship in the formative days, to a proposed St. Charles Baptist Chapel, to our eventual constituted name of the First Baptist Church of St. Charles on May 25, 1969. The Church @ St. Charles has developed from a passion to be THE church to reach our community with the Good News of the Gospel, to be the location of refuge in times of brokenness and trial and to be a place for family at all times.
The Church @ St. Charles is a church founded on Jesus Christ and Him crucified for our redemption; expressing His love, building relationships, and living in the everlasting hope Christ secured for all people everywhere.